Coffee Time: Coming Soon...


Justin was a rising star. He was musician, writer and performer until he tragically became ill and died five years ago. He wrote full musicals, won awards and was in a successful rock band. The rights to his wonderful music passed to his mother and father.

Coffee Time ­ The Song

One of Justin’s songs called ‘Coffee Time’ ­ is a delightful exchange between a man and a woman who simply adore coffee. They romance each other over a coffee break. The most recent recording is well produced, charming, sweet and funny.

Coffee Time is an ode to coffee and love ­ it is also superbly relevant in a modern urban world, obsessed with lattes, cappuccinos and coffee shops.

Coffee Time ­ the Music Video

It is time that Coffee Time had a music video as silly and charming as the song itself. it is perfect for Valentine's Day. And we are currently looking for a sponsor or brand that can get behind the project.

At the very least this will be a sweet and fantastic portfolio piece, at best it will be a youTube sensation and ‘Coffee Time’ will enter the public vernacular when it is indeed ‘time for a coffee’.

Coffee Time ­ Treatment

Our male character decides to go for a coffee. He stumbles upon a magical coffee shop that is run by two loved­up puppets. These crazy puppets serve amazing coffee ­ and their shop is filled with beans, pumps, and state of the art coffee machines.

And when a stunning woman walks in ­ the scene is set for our puppets to play cupid

between the man and woman. They sing and serve coffee, they gently push and prod the man and woman until they fall deeply in love.

As the man and woman leave the shop as a new couple ­ ready to start their lives together ­ our two puppets congratulate themselves ­ Coffee time is a wonderful thing.